NMT-2024: how to register through “Diya”

NMT-2024: how to register through “Diya”

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From now on, you can register for participation in the national multi-subject test in “Dia”. For this, a valid ID card or passport must be loaded into the mobile application.

In the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine they saythat thanks to this, entrants will be able to create their personal account faster.

“It is necessary to send a copy of the digital passport through “Diya” – this way, the personal data necessary for registration will be uploaded to the registration service automatically. That is, there will be no need to manually enter information about yourself and additionally download copies of documents”, – MES explained.

How to register for NMT through the Diya application

First you need to go to the page “Registration for participation in NMT”familiarize yourself with the proposed documents and click “Start registration”.

Then select an option Create with Actions.

It is necessary to click on the QR code or scan it with the smartphone camera and confirm the sending of the passport copy via “Action.Signature”.

The next step is to fill out a short registration form, where you need to enter contact information, select the category “graduate of previous years” or “graduate of the current year”, independently choose the settlement in Ukraine or abroad where the participant plans to take the test, upload a copy of the certificate of achievement general education or a certificate from the place of study (for graduates of 2024).

After checking the correctness of the written data, all information must be sent for processing to the regional center for evaluating the quality of education.

You should also receive a message about successful registration in your personal account.

In addition, you can now use to enter your personal account “Action.Signature”. To do this, you need to go to the personal account page, select “Sign in with Action”click on the QR code or scan and authorize by taking a photo of your face.

We remind you that registration for the national multi-subject test is already open started. This year it takes place in electronic format.

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