NMT-2024: the demo version of the test was released

NMT-2024: the demo version of the test was released

The Ukrainian Center for Evaluation of the Quality of Education has published a demonstration version of the national multi-subject test (NMT).

Graduates can familiarize themselves with the tasks on the website, the institution reported.

The presented items included:

  • Ukrainian language;
  • Ukrainian literature;
  • math;
  • History of Ukraine;
  • English;
  • German language;
  • French;
  • Spanish;
  • biology;
  • physics;
  • chemistry;
  • geography.

The subject tests are in the form of separate pdf files, so they will be convenient for people with slow internet.

Demonstration version of NMT-2024: UTSOYAO has published a sample test. Photo: luckybusiness/Depositphotos

For self-testing, the correct answers are given at the end of each test.

In order to recreate the atmosphere of a real NMT, UTSOYAO recommends taking an online test. To do this, you need to register on the “All-Ukrainian School Online” platform.

During the NMT, graduates will perform work in two stages. Each of them will last 120 minutes. There will be a 20-minute break between stages.

The NMT certification work will contain tasks from four subjects:

  • compulsory – Ukrainian language, mathematics and history of Ukraine;
  • optional – Ukrainian literature, foreign language (English, Spanish, German, French), biology, physics, chemistry and geography.

Working on a platform with a demo version, students can compose work from the necessary subject tests. During the passage, you can choose the sequence of tasks and change the answer option. There are also reference materials for mathematics, physics and chemistry.

“All-Ukrainian School Online” does not have a time limit for taking tests – you need to take care of it yourself.

When you’re done, you can review your progress report. It indicates the number of test points, errors and topics that should be revised in order to avoid errors in the future.

It will be recalled that the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has determined the dates of the NMT-2024 – from May 14 to July 19. During this period, the main and additional sessions will take place.

Also, UTSOYAO approved the characteristics of this year’s NMT. Tests on Ukrainian language and literature, history of Ukraine, biology, chemistry and geography will contain 30 tasks each. You will have to complete 22 and 20 tests in mathematics and physics, respectively, and 32 in foreign languages ​​(English, Spanish, German, French).

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