One year since the liberation of Kherson: Ukrainians share memories of this day on social networks

One year since the liberation of Kherson: Ukrainians share memories of this day on social networks

On November 11, 2022, the Armed Forces liberated Kherson, which had been under Russian occupation for 8 months. In three days, the Ukrainian flag was officially raised in the city.

Now Kherson is under constant shelling. Every day, the Russians attack the city from the occupied left bank of the region.

Today, exactly one year after the liberation, Ukrainians remember this outstanding event and share their memories on social networks.

Kherson. Photo: Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine/Facebook

“One year after liberation from the Russian occupation. After heavy fighting and systematic destruction of the enemy’s logistics, our soldiers forced him to flee.

Each of our people and our city will also be freed.”notes public activist and blogger Serhii Sternenko.

Poet and cultural manager Tetyana Vlasova recalls how she rejoiced with the whole country at the liberation of Kherson.

“There’s still anxiety in the air here. And it’s not always safe to be outside, so it’s not crowded at all.

But still there are people here, Ukrainians here, who have experienced so much and are happy to be at home.” – she writes.

Ihor Burda, adviser to the head of Mykolayiv OVA, recalls his first trip to liberated Kherson. He went to the city together with a humanitarian convoy.

“Under the darkness and with minimal lighting from generators, people worked until deep into the night. Then we felt neither fatigue nor fear. We were happy that our boys and girls are returning Ukrainian lands and people home!”, – shares memories of Burd.

Military serviceman and journalist Oleksandr Rudomanov symbolically repeated his post, which he made on the day of the liberation of Kherson.

“Kherson is people. Ukrainian people”, – he notes.

Other Ukrainians share their experiences of life in the city under constant shelling.

“A year ago, Kherson dropped the hated tricolor.

All year Kherson lives under daily shelling from everything possible from guided bombs to shells. Not a single day does a Kherson citizen know whether his life will end today.

A year of pain, a year of death – but also a year of freedom.” writes on Twitter by a user with the nickname “anderswonders”.

“I don’t know what else awaits me in my life. But I know for sure that the happiest day in it will be November 11, 2022.” remembers the day of the liberation of Kherson by user “HelgaKs” on Twitter.

We will remind you that on the anniversary of the liberation of Kherson Oblast, the National Bank will issue a new commemorative coin – “Antonivsky Bridge”.

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