Resembles a skull: NASA showed a “creepy” volcanic pit in the Sahara. PHOTO

Resembles a skull: NASA showed a “creepy” volcanic pit in the Sahara.  PHOTO

The space agency NASA showed a “creepy” photo of a caldera in the shape of a skull in the Sahara desert.

A caldera is a cone of a volcano that has sunk deep. From space, it seems as if this skull-shaped pit glows and “looks” right into the orbital camera.

The photo was recently published on the NASA Earth Observatory website, according to Space.

This photo was taken by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS) on February 12.

At that time, the spacecraft passed over the Tibesti mountain range, a ridge that stretches through the center of the Sahara desert through Chad and Libya.

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Photo: NASA Earth Observatory

The skull-shaped object is located at the bottom of Trou-au-Natron, also known as Dun Oray, a volcanic caldera about a thousand meters wide.

This crater was left after a powerful volcanic eruption hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The geological recess is located south of Tarso Tusside, an even larger volcanic feature that contains a potentially active stratovolcano.

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