Results of the Oscar film award – who won

Results of the Oscar film award – who won


On the night of March 10-11, the Hollywood Dolby Theater in Los Angeles hosted the main film award – Oscar 2024. For many, the results remained predictable, but this year, a truly historic event took place at the award ceremony – its own statuette for the entire history of the award received a Ukrainian tape for the first time.

“20 days in Mariupol” Ukrainian journalists Mstislav Chernov, Yevgena Maloletka and Vasylisa Stepanova became the “Best Documentary Film” according to the opinion of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts.

The tape documents the capture of the Ukrainian city by the Russians. Chernov, Maloletka and Stepanova were the last journalists to remain in Mariupol at the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. They later received the Pulitzer Prize for a series of journalistic materials about the siege of Mariupol. Just a few days ago, journalists too awarded Shevchenko Prize in the nomination “Publicism and Journalism”.

At the ceremony, the film’s director, Mstislav Chernov, made a speech in which he drew the attention of those present at the Oscars and the audience of the film award to the atrocities of Russians taking place in Ukraine.

The team of the film “20 days in Mariupol”

REUTERS/Mike Blake

“This is the first Oscar in Ukrainian history. I’ll probably be the first director to say it here: I wish this movie didn’t exist. I would like Russia to never attack Ukraine, never to occupy our cities. I would give this award so that Russia does not kill my compatriots, releases all Ukrainian military and civilians who are currently in prisons and are being held hostage,” – said the director.

He also added: “But I can’t change the past. But all of us can change history, make the truth prevail. And the people of Mariupol and others who gave their lives will never be forgotten. Because cinema shapes memories, and memories shape history. So thank you all, thank you Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!“.

Previously, the film won the award of the British analogue of the “Oscar” – the BAFTA film award and the prize of audience sympathy of the Sundance festival. In addition, at the beginning of 2024, Mstislav Chernov was awarded the award of the US Directors Guild for “outstanding directorial achievements in documentary cinema”.

However, it was not without incidents. For some time, footage from the film “Navalny” was shown on the stage of the award to honor the memory of the deceased Russian opposition figure. With this video, the traditional memorial performance began, in which all cinematographers who passed away during the last year were remembered.

In 2023, the film “Navalnyi” Canadian documentarian Daniel Roer about a “good Russian” overtook the Ukrainian one “House of Rocks” about children from Lysychansk and won the “Best Documentary” award.

Video with a good Russian on the Oscar stage

Video with the “good Russian” on the Oscar stage

PATRICK T. FALLON / Contributor via GettyImages

Other Oscar winners

The biopic was named the best film “Oppenheimer” about the “father of the atomic bomb” Robert Oppenheimer. The film was the favorite of the film award in terms of the number of nominations – it claimed 13 statuettes. As a result, the expectations were met and after the Oscars, “Oppenheimer” won 7 awards and became the winner of the award. The performer of the main role Cillian Murphy named “Best Actor”, “Best Supporting Actor” – Robert Downey Jr. Director Christopher Nolan also received his award.

All Oppenheimer wins: Best Supporting Actor, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Score, Best Actor and Best Director.

Oppenheimer's film crew.  He won the main award of the evening

The team of the film “Oppenheimer”. He won the main award of the evening


In addition, the tape previously won awards from the Screen Actors Guild and the Directors Guild, the British BAFTA Award, the Golden Globe and others.

The Greek director’s film came in second place, both according to forecasts and results Yorgos Lanthimos “Poor creatures”. She was nominated for 11 awards – the film won 4 of them. She became the best actress Emma Stone as Bella Baxter. The costumes, production design, make-up and hairstyles in “Poor Creatures” were also noted.

The fantastic film by Yorgos Lanthimos tells the story of Bella Baxter, an eccentric girl with the brain of a child, who learns to know herself and the world around her.

Emma Stone received a statuette as the Best Actress

Emma Stone received a statuette as “Best Actress”

Gilbert Flores / Contributor GETTY IMAGES

We wrote about how critics were divided in their evaluations of this film here:

Previously on UP. Culture an exclusive interview with the actress was released Sandra Guller, who participated in two Oscar-nominated films at once. Although the actress did not win honors for herself, the film “Anatomy of a Fall” received a statuette for the original screenplay Justin Trier and Arthur Arari.

This award will help me deal with my mid-life crisis“, Trieu joked from the stage.

Another film with Guler – “Zone of interest” won in the nomination for the best sound. He was able to convey the horrors of Auschwitz only with the help of off-screen sounds. He was also awarded as “The best international film”.

The expectations of the audience regarding the film did not come true “The Killers of the Flower Full” by Martin Scorsese. Out of 10 nominations, the film did not win any. The same applies to “Barbie”. Although the organizers tried in various ways to stylize the event for the highest-grossing film of 2023, presented the ceremony using the style of the pink feminist world and involved actresses, out of 8 nominations, only the soundtrack by Billie Eilish called What was I made for? Also, Ryan Gosling repeated his faithful performance with the song I’m Just Ken.

The latest animated film was also celebrated Hayao Miyazaki named “The Boy and the Heron”. The cartoon previously also won the Golden Globe Award.


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