Stormtroopers of the 47th OMBr spoke about the liquidation of Russians who shot Ukrainian prisoners. VIDEO

Stormtroopers of the 47th OMBr spoke about the liquidation of Russians who shot Ukrainian prisoners.  VIDEO

“It’s more fun to attack than to defend”says Andrii, a serviceman of the 47th OMBr “Magura” with the call sign “Prapor”.

Andriy and his brother Oleksandr with the call sign “Beard” are the heroes of the new material of the “Ukrainian Witness” project.

“Prapor” already served from 2015 to 2021. And “Beard” has been at war since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

Currently, they are fighting in the Avdiiv direction, and before the New Year they took part in the liquidation of the Russians, who executed three Ukrainian soldiers near Robotyn in Zaporizhzhia.

Legendary battle

At the beginning of December, videos appeared on the Internet showing how the Russians shot Ukrainian soldiers who decided to surrender.

“We saw the video already after the assault. But before that we were told what happened there. The planning was at the highest level, everything was planned very well by our command.

I, “Beard” and four more of our servicemen drove in a Bradley (an American-made infantry fighting vehicle – ed.) and eliminated everyone. They offered to surrender themselves as prisoners. No one gave up. All these executioners were liquidated”– says “Flag”.

However, the military notes that this was not revenge. They were just carrying out their combat tasks.

“No one tried to take revenge. If there was an opportunity to capture them, we would have taken them with pleasure.” – says “Beard”.

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Photo: Ukrainian Witness

“The assault usually lasts for a short time, a few hours at the most. You run in, work out, and run to drink coffee and rest. And sitting in positions for two or three days is very difficult, especially since you can’t do anything with the artillery. In an assault, you are in contact with the enemy. , you shoot at him, he shoots at you, you have an equal fight.

And if you sit in a trench, you are simply covered with mines, fired at from FPV. And there’s nothing you can do about it.” – explains “Beard”.

“Rapor” adds that it is scary before an assault, but one manages to fight with fear.

“You are going to die. Either someone else’s or your own. My fear is to be left without eyes or two arms on the shoulder. But these are all trifles, there are prostheses, thanks to which you live a full life. But you took part in historical events.”– thinks the fighter.

The boys say that even atheists pray in the trenches.

“I have such an atheist, covered in runes. And in the Kharkiv region, when we were sitting in the trenches, I heard from a nearby trench: “Flag, how is this “Our Father” read?”

People start to believe in everything. To their commanders, to planning, maybe even to God.” – says “Beard”.

When asked how to survive an assault, “Beard” answers that the main thing is to move. But you definitely don’t need to fly headlong and do something without thinking.

From the experience of fighters, it is very important to act in a coordinated manner during an assault. The commander gives the order, and the soldiers carry it out.

“It’s like in boxing: you don’t hear anyone except the coach. It’s the same here. You have to hear the senior group, because there is a plan. Not everything goes according to plan. But the commander has more information.” – says “Flag”.

The boys say that they had no “stupors”. And the unit is trying to train soldiers as best as possible.

“If you panic, your brother will help you with a good slap…

If a person is not ready for an assault, then it is better to stay at home and collect his thoughts. Instead of her, boys who are ready for this will go on the assault. Because one person who panics will be a burden to the whole group“, – believes “Beard”.

Finally, the guys advise Ukrainians not to underestimate the enemy. And also – to join the army.

“Everyone must try it. You see how beautiful it is here. They dress, feed, work in the fresh air. What could be better?” – laughs “Beard”.

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