Ten more children were returned from the occupation: their stories

Ten more children were returned from the occupation: their stories

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Another ten children were returned from the Ukrainian territories temporarily occupied by Russia. Now all their families are safe.

About this reported Mykola Kuleba, head of Save Ukraine.

Among those who managed to return to the territory controlled by Ukraine is the girl Alina. She was left with only her father after her mother was deported by the Russians.

The child was forcibly forced to attend a Russian school, sing the Russian national anthem, and watch films about the “greatness” of the aggressor country. Children were threatened with lower grades for any refusal.

“Although Alina drew and wrote letters to Russian soldiers, she still refused, telling the teacher that she could not draw and did not know the Russian language. However, watching films about the “greatness” of the Russian language could not be avoided.

And it is especially cynical on the part of the occupiers to force children to write letters to the soldiers who kill their fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, and also to glorify the country that deprived them of a peaceful life. Kuleba writes.

The boy Oleksiy was also returned from the occupation. His dad died of heart disease.

He also told how children were forced to study using Russian textbooks, which were used to replace all Ukrainian books at school very quickly, and also to write letters to the Russian military.

“Once, classmates found a sign with the Ukrainian flag and hung it in the classroom, but the teacher saw it and quickly threw it away.” – said the child.

Orest and Melania did not see their parents for almost a year and a half – the children were taken to the left bank to live with their grandparents, so that they would be away from hostilities, and when the ZSU liberated the right bank, the parents could not take the children.

“During this time, due to constant stress, Melania’s hearing deteriorated, as did her mother Oksana. The brother and sister really wanted to hug their mother, to return home. But sometimes they did not believe that this moment could ever come.” Mykola Kuleba says.

Save Ukraine also told the story of little Lana, who was born during the occupation.

Her mother, Tamila, met the full-scale invasion while pregnant.

“It was very difficult to survive in the first months, when there was a shortage of food and medicine in the occupation. The young woman really hoped that she would give birth in a free Ukraine, but no, they went through dozens of Russian roadblocks to the delivery room. They barely agreed with the military to let them through.

New life was born under the explosions. It was very scary for the woman to give birth, but luckily, there was no shelter. They were discharged home four hours after giving birth, without giving the child a single vaccination.” – says the head of Save Ukraine.

Before two teenage sisters who had not seen their mother for almost two years were returned from the occupation.

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