The court in the Rivne region ordered to read “Kaidashev’s family” of the man who robbed his sister

The court in the Rivne region ordered to read “Kaidashev’s family” of the man who robbed his sister


In the Rivne region, the court ordered the man who robbed his sister to read “The Kaidash Family”


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In the Rivne region, a local resident took garden equipment from the house inherited by his sister.

For this, the judge assigned him a year of probation and ordered him to read Nechuy-Levytskyi’s novel “The Kaidash Family”, it is said in the sentence

In court, the sister accused her brother of stealing inventory worth more than 6,000 hryvnias. Among the accessories were hacksaws for wood and metal, crowbars, pliers, nails, self-tapping screws, gas and socket wrenches, pickaxes, axes, nippers and even a wicker basket.

The accused claimed that he only took his property. He allegedly acquired it while living in the house.

Their mother died 4 years ago. She made a will only to her daughter, and left nothing to her son, because he threatened to take away or burn the house. Before stealing “his” things, the man warned his sister that he would come. However, on the day of his visit, no one was at home.

So, on May 25, 2023, a man entered the private territory, broke the lock from the outbuilding and took the equipment. Then he “broke down” the door of the house and took out a plow and a wrapper, which also allegedly belong to him.

He was pushed to a desperate step by information about his sister’s intention to sell the inherited house.

The victim stated in court that she did not know about her brother’s visit – she was informed by a neighbor who saw the broken barn door.

According to the woman, her brother repeatedly came to her after her husband was mobilized to the Armed Forces, broke locks, threw things away, wrote messages with threats and death wishes.

The accused admitted his guilt and sincerely repented, so instead of 5 years in prison, the judge assigned him probation and reading Ukrainian classics.


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