The “Emmy” television award was presented in Los Angeles

The “Emmy” television award was presented in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, the television award “Emmy” was presented, which was postponed due to the strike of screenwriters and actors. The best series were “Heirs” and “Bear”.

Works published from June 2022 to May 2023 were nominated for the 75th prize. “Heirs”, “One of Us”, “White Lotus” and “Ted Lasso” were in the lead in the number of nominations.

The series “Heirs”, which tells about the struggle of the children of a dying media mogul for leadership in the company, received six awards, including the best drama series. “Heirs” also received statuettes for script and direction in its category. Kieran Culkin and Sarah Snook, who played in the series, became the best actor and actress, respectively.

Similar awards, but among comedy series, received “Bear” about a chef who runs a family restaurant.

“Gryznia” about the incident in the parking lot – and the aftermath was recognized as the best mini-series. Reviewers note the subtle irony of modern realities in the series. The actors who played the main heroine and hero of “Gryzna” – Ali Wong and Stephen Yang, also took away statuettes as the best in their genre.

“Ted Lasso”, despite its popularity among viewers and the number of nominations, did not receive a single major “Emma” this year.

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