The film about the war in Ukraine won the Grand Prix at the Sundance Film Festival

The film about the war in Ukraine won the Grand Prix at the Sundance Film Festival

Documentary “Porcelain War” about the war in Ukraine won the Grand Prix at the Sundance Film Festival. One of the largest independent film festivals came to an end in Park City on Sunday, January 28.

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Film directors Brendan Bellomo (USA) and former military Slavy Leontiev (Ukraine) received an award in the “Jury Prize: American Documentary” category.

It is necessary to resist totalitarian aggression, but to preserve humanity during the attack this is the highest aspiration. The creation of this film, full of pathos and violence, mushrooms and dragons, in itself is such an aspiration“, the jury of the festival noted.

They added that the “Porcelain War” was awarded.for the unwavering voice that comes from inside the brutal war in Ukraine and calls to care for those who are ready to sacrifice their lives to protect their humanity and ours“.

This award honors the courage and beauty of the people of Ukraine“, director Brendan Bellomo reacted to the victory.

Film crew at Sundance. Photo: Dmytro Leontyev / Facebook

The film tells the audience about three Ukrainians, artists of porcelain animalistics – Slava Leontievhis wife Anya Stasenko and Andrii Stefanov. They remain in Kharkiv, which has been under Russian attacks since the first day of the invasion, and continue to create during the war: they create porcelain figurines and decorate houses destroyed by shelling with them.

Film crew at Sundance. Photo: Dmytro Leontyev / Facebook

How do you go on living when everything you love comes under brutal attack? The movie Porcelain Wars proves that you can learn to fight back using all the tools at your disposal, including art, to avoid attrition“, says the description of the tape.

A frame from the movie “Porcelain War”

About the festival

Sundance Film Festival – the largest festival of independent, auteur cinema in the USA. Held every January in Park City (Utah). This year, the Sundance Film Festival was celebrating its 40th anniversary. It lasted from January 18 to 28.

It is organized by the Sundance Institute, founded by the American actor and director Robert Redford in 1981 to promote the emergence of a new, independent vision in American cinema.

This year Sundance was an anniversary

A film at Sundance last year “20 days in Mariupol” won the prize of audience sympathy in the World Documentary Competition program. A few days ago, Mstislav Chernov’s film about the first days of the Russian army’s attack on the Ukrainian Mariupol in February-March 2023 was included in the list of nominees for the Oscar 2024 in the Best Documentary category.

In addition to Chernov’s film, another documentary about the war in Ukraine was shown at Sundance 2023 – “Iron Butterflies” directed by Roman Lyuboy.

In 2022, for the first time in history, a Ukrainian drama film took part in the Sundance competition “Klondike” directed by Maryna Er Horbach. It tells about the family that was at the epicenter of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash on July 17, 2014 in the village of Hrabovo, Donetsk region.

Also in the same year, the world premiere of a documentary film about children in the Lysychanska orphanage took place at the festival “House of Rocks” directed by Simon Lereng Vilmont.

In 2020, a Ukrainian director Iryna Tsylyk won the prize of the Sundance Film Festival for the best direction of a documentary film “The earth is blue, like an orange”.

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