The medals of the 2024 Olympics will contain the metal of the Eiffel Tower. PHOTO

The medals of the 2024 Olympics will contain the metal of the Eiffel Tower.  PHOTO

In France, the medal winners of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be presented with awards containing the most precious metal from the Eiffel Tower.

Therefore, each award will be “decorated with a small piece of Paris”, according to the website of this year’s Olympics.

It is noted that a hexagonal iron piece of the Eiffel Tower weighing 18 grams will be placed in the center of each medal.

The total weight of the gold medal is 529 grams, silver – 525 grams, bronze – 455 grams.

Photo: Olympics-2024 website

The reverse of each Olympic medal features the traditional Greek goddess of victory Nika, the Pantheon and the Olympic rings, with the Eiffel Tower also added this year.

The architectural landmark was also placed on the reverse side of the Paralympics medals. In addition to it, the competition dates are printed there in international Braille font – its developer was a Frenchman.

It is known that metal from the Eiffel Tower was obtained during previous repair works.

“This is an opportunity for athletes to bring a piece of Paris with them“, said the creative director of this year’s Olympic Games, Thierry Reboul.

A total of 5,084 such medals were produced.

We remind you that the Summer Olympic Games in Paris will last from July 26 to August 11, and the Paralympic Games from August 28 to September 8.

Ukraine is predicted to win 18 medals at the 2024 Olympics.

Earlier we reported that the Ukrainian illustrator won the gold medal of the International Poster Biennale.

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