The Ministry of Health explained which mental health problems should be addressed to a family doctor

The Ministry of Health explained which mental health problems should be addressed to a family doctor

Family doctors who provide mental health services can help manage stress, tension, negative emotions, sleep disorders, and panic attacks.

This is reported by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Health notes that as of the beginning of 2024, about 70,000 medical workers have completed training under the World Health Organization’s “mhGAP” program — the course “Management of common mental disorders at the primary level of medical care.”

“The following conditions can be discussed with your family doctor: sleep disturbances, persistent lack of appetite, anxiety, obsessive thoughts that something bad might happen, apathy, irritability, exhaustion and constant fatigue, etc.” – the Ministry informs.

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In addition, the doctor can help:

  • cope with panic attacks;
  • to give advice to the child’s emotions;
  • to support a husband or wife who has returned from the war zone;
  • get rid of tension in the body;
  • overcome the constant feeling of fatigue, fear, apathy, sadness or other negative states.

If you cannot cope with these and similar symptoms on your own and they do not go away for two or more weeks, don’t ignore your body’s prompts and consult a specialist”– emphasizes the Ministry of Health.

With the patient’s voluntary consent, the doctor may order additional examinations or tests to detect mental illnesses. In addition, he can offer a management and treatment plan for identified disorders, psychological help, support and support, and, if necessary, refer to a doctor with a narrower specialization.

Mental health services provided by therapists and family doctors are covered by the Health Insurance Scheme and are therefore free.

Currently, such services are provided by family doctors from more than 860 medical facilities, which have already concluded an agreement with the National Health Service of Ukraine for this package. You can view their list on the interactive map.

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