the new head has no management experience

the new head has no management experience


In Kyiv, the staff of the maternity hospital opposed the change of the director

Kyiv City Maternity Hospital No. 2

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In the Kyiv City Maternity Hospital No. 2, the previous director, Serhiy Salnikov not extended contract, and doctor Oleksandr Zabudskyi was appointed in his place. However, the hospital team categorically disagrees with such a decision.

As Tetyana Shynkaruk, head of the trade union of the Kyiv City Maternity Hospital No. 2, reported in a comment for “UP. Life”, the health department of the KMDA did not announce the opening of a vacancy or hold a competition for this position.

The personnel change took place without the agreement of the staff, although in other medical facilities during martial law, contracts with managers appointed for a full-scale invasion are extended.

According to Tetyana Shinkaruk, on March 22, Serhiy Salnikov was summoned to the Department of Health Care in Kyiv to sign a resignation letter.

This is usually a simple formality – the contract ends, a resignation letter is written, and then another letter of appointment is written. But without any explanation, the contract with Serhiy Salnikov was not extended.

Instead, Oleksandr Zabudskyi’s application for appointment to the position of director of the institution was accepted, although there was no official notice of the vacancy anywhere.”– says Tetyana Shinkaruk.

She adds that at the end of 2023, many medical institutions were in arrears – that is, the number of their patients was not enough to cover the costs of maintaining the hospital. But the Kyiv City Maternity Hospital No. 2 managed to exceed the financial plan by 140%.

“As a result, we were able to provide the staff with decent salaries, and union contributions were used to help the Armed Forces.

But the new director, without even looking at the statistics, immediately declared that we have terrible indicators. Although he himself, as a specialist, was on “down time” from the first days of work. And in general, he does not have any managerial experience.”– the head of the trade union is indignant.

Tatyana notes that the new head of the maternity unit did not prepare for the meeting with the team and did not present a strategic plan. After the official statement of the team, Oleksandr Zabudsky verbally forbade publishing the opinion of the employees on the official pages of the medical institution, says the head of the trade union.

Workers of the maternity hospital require fair and transparent elections for the director of the institution.

“UP. Life” sent a request to the health department of the KMDA to clarify the details of the personnel decision and is waiting for a response.


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