The Odesa Art Museum assessed the damage after the Russian missile attack

The Odesa Art Museum assessed the damage after the Russian missile attack

The Odesa National Art Museum has completed a damage assessment following the latest Russian missile attack on Odesa. The museum employee was removed by the consequences – broken glass, pieces of plaster on the walls, destruction in the administrative building, which is the closest to the point of the rocket impact.

The windows of the museum after the rocket attack. Photo: Bohdan Maksymets

In the museum building itself, the blast wave caused the most damage to the doors and window frames. Most of them are authentic, laid during construction at the beginning of the 19th century.

The broken windows in the Museum have already been covered with plywood blocks. The next small goal is to get the roof in order and be in time for the first rain.

Everything that can be found, museum workers carefully put in plastic containers. Parts of the portico, fence, and glass are kept separately there. Separately – a container with the remains of a Russian rocket, without which all the previous containers would not be needed.

Photo: Bohdan Maksymets

About the completed works, the director of the museum Kateryna Kulai says: “During this time, we took in commissions and restorers, builders. We had one international organization that helped us understand from the point of view of the valuable elements that were damaged. And we are already in the midst of this cleanup.”

Museum collection in protective film. Photo: Bohdan Maksymets

The most valuable objects – paintings – have already been shown to restorers. They were not seriously injured, the Museum assures.

Pictures in a protective film. Photo: Bohdan Maksymets

“The act has been drawn up and now we will start preventive works. Not restorative, but preventive works, which will prepare the collection for the continuation of this exhibition.” – explains the scientific director of the scientific exhibition department Kyrylo Lipatov.

Damage in the halls. Photo: Bohdan Maksymets

The management of the museum aims to open it for visitors already at the beginning of December.

Missile attack

On the night of November 6, Russia attacked the southern regions with four different types of missiles: “Onyx”, “Iskander-M”, Kh-31P, Kh-59 and drones. 15 drones were destroyed, but there were also hits. One of the rockets fell in the center of Odessa, fifty meters from the National Art Museum, creating a large crater. The shock wave damaged the doors and windows of the Museum, its employees were not injured. At the time of the attack, the Museum’s main collection was hidden. On November 7, the Museum was going to celebrate its 124th anniversary, the following exhibitions were held in its halls:

  • “Setting sun / Sol occidents” Margit and Romana Selskyi from the collection of Eduard Dymshits
  • “Flowers behind the dumps” Boris Eisenberg
  • exhibition of works Oleksandr Grekhov
  • Black Sea Stas Zhalobnyuk
  • “Joy” Volodymyr Semkiv
  • “Altar of the Heavenly Host” Albina Yaloza
  • “Large meadows, abundant grass” Kinder Album

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