The Oscar-nominated director is making a film about children who were seriously injured in the war

The Oscar-nominated director is making a film about children who were seriously injured in the war

The famous American director Yevgen Afineevskyi is shooting his third documentary film about Ukraine. This time, his lens featured children injured during the full-scale invasion of Russia.

This is reported by the National Rehabilitation Center “Unbroken”.

“The heroes of the director’s new film, among others, will be the young patients of our Center who barely survived the enemy attacks and will bear the marks of Russian aggression on their bodies for the rest of their lives.” – they write in UNBROKEN.


The heroes of the film were:

  • 12-year-old Yana Stepanenko, who lost her legs during a rocket attack on the railway station in Kramatorsk;
  • 8-year-old Romchyk Oleksiv, who suffered burns to 45% of his body during a massive terrorist attack on Vinnytsia;
  • 13-year-old Stas Lyakh, who suffered a severe brain injury while sleeping peacefully in his home in Kharkiv Oblast;
  • the Yankovsky brothers, 15-year-old Volodya and 9-year-old Yakov, from Odeschyna, and 11-year-old Veronichka from Vugledar – as a result of Russian attacks, they found themselves under rubble and orphaned.

“The American director wants to tell the stories of these little Ukrainians to the whole world, so that no one forgets: the war continues, the number of its victims increases every day, children die and suffer at the hands of the aggressor. The armed aggression of the enemy leaves its deep traces on the mental health of little Ukrainians.” – the Center notes.

Director Yevhen Afineevskyi is the author of the film “Winter on Fire” about the Revolution of Dignity. In 2016, the film was nominated for an Oscar in the “Best Documentary Feature Film” category.

The director’s second work about Ukraine – “Freedom in Fire” – was released in 2022. It is dedicated to the terrible events that Ukrainians have to go through due to Russian aggression.

The third tape will be a continuation of the previous two, but with a focus on children who suffer from war. The director plans to release it at the end of spring 2024.

Iryna Batiuk, “UP. Life”

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