The president signed a law that will allow fallen military personnel to become parents: details

The president signed a law that will allow fallen military personnel to become parents: details


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President Volodymyr Zelenskyi signed the bill No10448, which will guarantee the rights of biological paternity or maternity to military personnel. About this reported People’s Deputy Yaroslav Zaliznyak.

It is about the law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding the Preservation of the Gene Pool of the Ukrainian People”, which the Rada supported February 7.

According to the updated project, biological material of fallen soldiers will be stored free of charge for 3 years after their death.

Him will not be disposed ofas it was written in the previous version of the law, which caused outrage.

What does the law signed by the president provide?

First, in case of death or recognition of death of a person who owns reproductive cells, the state will store them free of charge for 3 years from the moment of death.

After the expiration of this period, the storage of such cells can be extended at the expense of another person, specified in a person’s disposition of his own reproductive cells.

Second, a person whose reproductive cells are stored in accordance with the law has the right to dispose of them in the event of his death.

Third, if the reproductive cells of such a person are used to conceive a child, she will be recognized as the father (or mother) of the child.

After all, the law stipulates that a notarized declaration of will of a person before the implementation of this law is the basis for the use of assisted reproductive technologies using these reproductive cells.

We will remind you that the law regulating the social protection of military personnel in ensuring their right to biological parenthood (maternity) Council approved still in 2023. It was designed to preserve the gene pool and provide state funding for the cryopreservation program (freezing of sperm in special cryobanks).

But then an amendment appeared – from March 2024, the frozen sperm of servicemen who died at the front or went missing had to be disposed of.

Ukrainians were indignant, and parliamentarians promised to correct this gap at the legislative level. After publicity, this norm was corrected and recently the Rada supported the already updated draft law No10448, which protects the right to posthumous parentage.


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