The story of a 55-year-old soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine – the way from Italy to Ukraine

The story of a 55-year-old soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine – the way from Italy to Ukraine

Yurii Frevlyk is a 55-year-old soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine. Currently, he works as a front-line driver on one of the most difficult routes – in the Serebryansky Forest.

The National Guard told about his history of fighting against the Russian invaders.

Yuri lived in Italy for almost half of his life. But in the first days after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, he returned to Ukraine.


“As a former ensign of the border troops, I could not sit in Italy. I have worked there for the past 22 years. Therefore, I resigned, and on March 3, 2022, I was already in Ukraine. I am a citizen of Ukraine, and I wanted to help my Motherland.” – says the soldier.

Photo: NSU

He got the position of driver in Ukraine. His task is to deliver shells and soldiers to their positions in time. And this applies to any circumstances and conditions. Yuri performs tasks on an SUV.

“Since the car is all-wheel drive, with increased cross-country ability, we perform tasks in difficult conditions. We go to positions in the Serebryansk Forest. We bring tanks to positions, both during the day and at night. The roads are bad, forest. The tracks are such that there is no bumper on the car, because it tears off Pits up to a meter deep, water, nothing visible.” – says Yuriy.

He also adds that sometimes they bring in supplies along with scouts and sappers or look for new positions for tanks and self-propelled artillery.

During the execution of tasks, the military man came under fire more than once. But managed to survive even in difficult situations.

“It happens that we come under fire. If flights begin to arrive, then we have to leave as quickly as possible. I press the gas and look ahead. We call it “valimo.” yesterday they were given away, but God willing – all of them came alive.” – says the NSU fighter.


He says that the Russians see them well and start shelling.

Today, Yuriy is called “grandfather” in the unit. But he is not offended.

“Why not? The beard is still gray – that means it’s a grandfather”– the man jokes.

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