The story of a border guard who received 15 fragments after the battle

The story of a border guard who received 15 fragments after the battle

Victor is a border guard with the call sign Otshel. He served in the army for 27 years.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs told about his story.

The military has been defending the country since 2014. Two weeks before the full-scale invasion, he was released to the reserve.


Victor was planning a vacation. I went to visit my parents in the Rivne region. But with the start of a full-scale war, plans changed. Already on February 26, 2022, he arrived back at the military unit.

Photo: DPSU

The unit where Otshel served met the first heavy battle in the settlement of Stepne. Then, together with his brothers, he held positions in other towns of the Donetsk region.

In April, Viktor had to save his wounded commander after tank fire. During this, he himself received serious injuries.

“15 fragments were found in my body, three of them remained with me – as a memory”says the border guard.

Otschel notes that the war is scary, as it was in 2014. He also notes his brothers.

“Without the help of my brothers, I would have died. Therefore, immediately after the victory, I want to gather all of them at the table, celebrate my award and thank everyone. There, at ground zero, I found real friends, and now I will follow them anywhere”– adds Victor.


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