The story of the National Guardsman with the call sign “Marker” – how did the counteroffensive actually take place in Kharkiv Oblast?

The story of the National Guardsman with the call sign “Marker” – how did the counteroffensive actually take place in Kharkiv Oblast?

A National Guardsman with the call sign “Marker” took part in the Slobozhan counteroffensive. He is an officer of the “Spartan” brigade.

The National Guard shared his memories of the success of the Ukrainian army in the Kharkiv direction.

“Marker” says that he was expecting a counteroffensive since the first day of the full-scale invasion.


“I expected a counterattack from the first day, but we are military, so I waited for the order, and when we entered Udy and saw how the enemy threw everything, his two hundred men, property, BC, weapons and ran away from us, I understood that this the trend will continue,” – says the soldier.

Photo: NSU

He adds that it was then that he understood that the statement about “the Russian army as the second in the world” is just a myth.

He mentions that the enemy’s positions were being destroyed before his eyes. Therefore, during their retreat, the Ukrainian military was left with a lot of valuable things.

“After we entered Kupyansk, enemy equipment was discovered and our guys captured an entire KAMAZ truck with ammunition. Then, on the same evening, we advanced on orders to Kupyansk-Vuzlovi. When we entered, everything was still burning, there were many corpses of Russians. Then we went to Kivsharivka, and from there to Stelmakhivka. We entered Stelmakhivka, took up positions, and the enemy was already on the other side of the river.” – says Marker.

After these settlements, together with the fighters, they moved to Novoosynov, Glushkivka, Bohuslavka, and established themselves in Novoselivsk.

There, the enemy constantly tried to storm the officer and his comrades. However, no one submitted positions.


Marker notes his surprise at how openly they were met in the liberated territories.

“Especially when you liberate a village, people ran out with flags, met and immediately told: There is an empty house over there, the occupiers lived there, it is advisable to check there. That is, they immediately helped, told where the enemy might be.” says the national guard.

At the same time, Marker does not say much about his personal motivation, but he remains confident that it is now the same for everyone – to liberate our territories and raise the Ukrainian flag there.

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