The Ukrainian headed the Martian research station in the USA

The Ukrainian headed the Martian research station in the USA

Ukrainian engineer Serhiy Yakimov headed the Martian Research Station, which conducts experiments and research, simulating the stay of a person on the surface of Mars.

The Martian research station is located in the San Rafael desert in the state of Utah, reports “Voice of America”. It is surrounded by numerous valleys, canyons, gorges, heights of shale, limestone and sand, which were formed here many millions of years ago. All this creates landscapes in this area that look like otherworldly.

At the Martian Desert Research Station, geological and social research is conducted in conditions as close as possible to those on the surface of Mars.

“We host different groups from all over the world who conduct experiments or test equipment. And this Martian station is classified as a geological analogue because the geology of the surrounding desert is as close to the geology of Mars as possible.” says Serhiy Yakimov.

Sergey Yakimov near the Martian Desert Research Station.
Photo: Serhiy Yakymov’s Facebook

The rotation of research groups lasts from two weeks. They live in special modules. They eat vegetables and fruits from the “Martian” greenhouse. They go outside only in spacesuits.

Serhiy was also a participant in several such expeditions. He dreams of becoming an astronaut and going to Mars.

The man graduated from the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with a degree in “aircraft control systems”. Eight years ago, he was selected from a hundred applicants for the upcoming flight to the Red Planet, which was organized by the Dutch company Mars One. In the end, she went bankrupt.

“I have been pursuing this dream all my life. But you have to take some steps. You can, of course, just sit on the couch and say that I want to become an astronaut. Living in America for several years, I worked as an engineer in a small company, but working there in I still couldn’t get into the field of human flights into space. And then there was an opportunity to join this business at the station.”– says Yakimov.

A flight to Mars is currently a distant prospect, says a Ukrainian engineer. He sees the next stage in his career as work at NASA – at the Space Center in Houston. They train astronauts there. However, for this, Serhiy Yakymov first needs to obtain US citizenship.

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