The wool of the “loneliest” British sheep will be sold at a charity auction

The wool of the “loneliest” British sheep will be sold at a charity auction

Wool from the rescued “loneliest” sheep in Great Britain, which lived alone near an inaccessible rock for 2 years, will be sold at auction, and souvenirs will be made from it. The funds will go to charity.

Fiona, a three-year-old sheep, now lives at Dalscoun Fan Farm, near Dumfries, after spending two years in the Scottish Highlands, writes The Telegraph.

With unhindered access to the grassy fields, Fiona put on quite a few pounds, her coat became very heavy.

The sheep has already been shorn and Ben Best, who runs the farm, said some of the wool would be auctioned off with the proceeds going to the Scottish Society for the Protection of Animals (SSPCA) and RSABI, an organization that provides emotional and financial support to people working in Scotland’s agricultural sector. industry.

Fiona with her two rescuers, Cammy Wilson and Ellie Williamson. Photo: MMichael McGurk

Best added that souvenirs will also be made from the wool.

I’m not sure what they will be like as the wool isn’t really the best quality“, – he said.

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