This year there will be approximately 260,000 entrants in Ukraine – Vinnytsia

This year there will be approximately 260,000 entrants in Ukraine – Vinnytsia

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As part of this year’s admissions campaign in Ukraine, about 260,000 applicants are expected. Part of the applicants returned from abroad for admission.

About this told Deputy Minister of Education and Science Mykhailo Vynnytskyi in an interview with Ukrainian Radio.

“Last year we had 260,000 and this year we expect about the same number. But in 2023, about 20,000 applicants were abroad, and now we see that many of them are returning.”– noted Vynnytskyi, commenting registration at the NMT, which began on March 14 and will continue until April 11 inclusive.

He noted that this year, as a result of the war, applicants will again not take the traditional external independent assessment, but national multi-subject test.

According to him, a large number of test centers will operate abroad, although it is expected that there will be fewer applicants who will register for the NMT than last year.

We used to reportedthat Ukrainians will be able to take the test in:


▲ Azerbaijan;

▲ Belgium;

▲ Bulgaria;

▲ Great Britain;

▲ Georgia;

▲ Denmark;

▲ Estonia;

▲ Italy;

▲ Canada;

▲ Latvia;

▲ Lithuania;

▲ Luxembourg;

▲ Germany;

▲ Norway;

▲ Poland;

▲ Portugal;

▲ Romania;

▲ Slovakia;

▲ USA;

▲ Turkey;

▲ Hungary;

▲ Finland;

▲ France;

▲ Croatia;

▲ Czech Republic;

▲ Switzerland;

▲ Sweden.

We used to reportedthat the Ministry of Education and Culture suspends the process of unification of higher education institutions.

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