Why you can’t lose weight only in a specific area of ​​the body – an explanation

Why you can’t lose weight only in a specific area of ​​the body – an explanation

Losing weight in certain areas, not the whole body, only seems possible.

In fact, a person is not able to lose weight only in a separate part of the body.

According to specialists, even with the help of special exercises for certain areas, a person will not be able to get rid of fat only in them, writes Science Alert.

There are also factors that a person cannot influence, in particular, we are talking about genetic predisposition or age.

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The body accumulates and burns fat on its own

Fat that accumulates and is stored in the body takes the form of organic substances triglycerides. When the body uses them, a person receives energy.

Doctors explain that about 95% of all dietary fats consumed by humans become triglycerides.

After entering the body, they are released into the blood and transported to adipose tissue. Triglycerides are stored in special fat cells – adipocytes.

Adipose tissue is found throughout the body, but a little more in the areas where the organs are located, experts say.

“WITHAdipose tissue serves as a vital energy reserve when our body mobilizes to access stored triglycerides for energy during prolonged exercise. We also use these reserves during dieting and fasting“, – experts say.

They add that during exercise, the fat stores we use for energy during exercise come from all parts of the body, not just specific areas.

The body decides where to store and lose fat

Factors that affect the order in which our body stores and loses fat include:

  • Genetics. Research suggests that a person’s genetics is 60% responsible for where body fat is distributed;
  • Sex. According to experts, women have a higher proportion of body fat than men. This is due to the fact that the female body is designed to store fat reserves to support pregnancy and feeding. During weight loss in women, the areas of the face, calves and arms are usually the first to lose weight, since they have the least impact on childbearing. Doctors add that fat is stored in the thighs and buttocks for the longest time.
  • Age. The aging process causes changes in muscle mass, metabolism, and hormone levels that can affect where and how quickly fat tissue changes.

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So, controlled weight loss in certain areas is impossible, but any physical activity helps burn fat and preserve muscle mass.

According to doctors, regular sports activities will lead to a change in body shape and over time will help to control weight in the long term.

This is influenced by the speed of metabolism, which is accelerated by sports.

“Your metabolic rate – how much energy you burn at rest – depends on how much muscle and fat you have in your body. Because muscle is more metabolically active than fat, meaning it burns more energy, a person with more muscle mass will have a faster metabolism than a person of the same body weight but with more body fat.” – add the doctors.

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