6 ideas on how to spend February 14 with a loved one at a distance

6 ideas on how to spend February 14 with a loved one at a distance

The Great War separated many couples. Love at a distance is not uncommon now, so people learn to maintain passion in all circumstances.

Valentine’s Day is one of the occasions that helps keep love at a distance.

“UP.Zhyttia” offers several options for how to spend February 14, if you are many kilometers from each other.

Organize a romantic dinner at a distance

It seems the most banal way, but when was the last time you dressed up nicely and spent a romantic dinner with your loved one away from home?

If you can’t remember, then this method is just for you. Dress nicely and reserve a table in a restaurant or cafe. If the partner also has such an opportunity – great.

You can chat online while in a restaurant, flirt with each other and give compliments.

Play a romantic game online


In order to get to know each other better, play a game with cards for couples, on which questions are written that require an honest answer.

With the help of such questions, you can open up more to your partner and learn about his or her inner world and thoughts.

You can cook a delicious dinner with a glass of wine and play a game during an online call. The game can be physical, in cards, then someone alone will read the questions, or online.

Write a letter to each other

To dilute online communication, try writing a physical letter to your partner. You can make arrangements and write letters at the same time, for example on Valentine’s Day.

In a letter, describe your feelings with this person, indicate what attracts you most about him. Think about what you would like to say to yourself in the future and how you see your relationship.


Before sending, you can sprinkle some of your perfume on the letter, which your partner remembers and loves, or put a nice trinket in the envelope.

You can also send a letter in online format, if that is more convenient. Such letters can be written every year and kept in a place accessible only to both of you. Next year you can reread them and see what has changed in your relationship.

Read books

If you like to read books, you can choose one that would be interesting for both of you and read it to each other online. For example, it can be books about love, science, motivation or comedy books.

To add a twist, you can choose a book with erotic scenes. Beautifully described intimate scenes combined with the voice of a loved one will definitely be remembered for a long time.

Try flirting with each other all day

Move away from your usual daily communication and try to flirt with each other all day long in messages.

At the same time, compliment your partner and remember the romantic moments that you remember the most. It will add romance to everyday life and create more pleasant memories.

Organize a virtual tour of the city

If one of the partners had to travel from the city where you lived, then try to give him an online tour. Maybe you had special places there where you liked to spend time.

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If you are in different cities, try to introduce your partner to the city where you live. Go to the coffee shop where you usually drink coffee or to the park where you often walk. Share your everyday life with your loved one, because it can also be romantic.

Create a waiting bank

Count down the days until your meeting. Take a jar and fill it with pieces of paper, on which you write what you love and appreciate about your partner.

There should be as many papers as there are days before the meeting, so that each day you can take one of them out of the jar and read pleasantries. Exchange banks with a partner, it will make waiting for your meeting easier.

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