A baby boom continues at “Vernadskyi”: skua pups were born. VIDEO

A baby boom continues at “Vernadskyi”: skua pups were born.  VIDEO

Polar scientists from the “Akademik Vernadskyi” station during the survey of the neighboring islands of Skua, Black and Shelter discovered cubs of South Polar skunks.

In general, polar explorers counted about two dozen nests of these birds on the islands. Most of them already have two babies, the National Antarctic Science Center reports.

These furry ones are so tiny and clumsy, but they watch the world intently with beady black eyes“, biologists say.

Biologist of the 28th UAE Serhii Glotov shared the video with the skua cubs.

Antarctic plovers belong to the main feathered predators of the Antarctic. They prey on the eggs and young of penguins and other birds, and take food from blue-eyed cormorants and penguins when they return to their nests with loads of food, the center notes.

They fly in South polar plovers in our area for mating season in the late Antarctic spring. They can nest both in colonies and in pairs. They lay 1-2 eggs, from which chicks hatch in about a month“, the polar explorers continue.

Babies are first fed by their parents in turn, and after the down changes to feathers, they will begin to fly and feed themselves. This happens about two months after birth.

We will remind you that the first baby penguins hatched near “Vernadskyi” in 2023.

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