Europrotocol for road accidents with minor consequences: the police reminded what it is and how to issue it

Europrotocol for road accidents with minor consequences: the police reminded what it is and how to issue it

The police recommend that drivers involved in traffic accidents with minor consequences use the Europrotocol, which can be issued without calling the police.

The Europrotocol is a special form for notification of the occurrence of a traffic accident, which is filled out by the drivers involved in the accident at the scene of the accident, and then given to the insurer to confirm the event.

According to Oleksiy Biloshitskyi, the first deputy chief of the Patrol Police Department, the risk of getting into a road accident increases due to adverse weather conditions, and therefore European protocols are particularly relevant.


The main advantage of such a protocol is significant saving of time: no need to inform and wait for the police. You can leave the scene of the accident immediately after it has been completed.

Also, the driver is released from administrative responsibility: his driver’s license is not confiscated, materials are not sent to court, and a fine is not imposed.

In which traffic accidents can you use the Europrotocol?

This document can be issued only if it is the result of an accident no injuries or deaths. It is also an important condition absence of material damage to third parties.

The Europrotocol can be drawn up only if all participants in the road accident have valid policies compulsory insurance and they reached an agreement about all the circumstances of the adventure.

Important conditions for the drawn-up European protocol to be valid are that the drivers involved in road accidents have to be sobera the amount of damages should not exceed 80 thousand hryvnias.

How to draw up a European protocol in case of a road accident?

The European protocol can be drawn up using the online system or on a paper form.


“The digital traffic accident recording service will check the correctness of the filled-in data and point out errors. Data about the traffic accident will be immediately sent to the insurance companies of both parties and entered into the MTSU database.” Biloshitsky noted.

You can issue an electronic European protocol online using the link.

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