A baby died in Khmelnytskyi region: his mother accused doctors of abuse during childbirth

A baby died in Khmelnytskyi region: his mother accused doctors of abuse during childbirth


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7-month-old Pavlo Galushchak died in Volochysk, Khmelnytskyi region. In the summer of 2023, his mother blamed the doctors in abuse during childbirth.

About the burial of Tetyana Halushchak’s son reported on his Instagram page.

“The funeral of our son Pavlyk will take place on March 20 at 3:00 p.m. in the church of the holy apostles Peter and Paul in the village of Movchanivka“, – the woman wrote.

In a comment for “UP. Life”, the spokeswoman of the Khmelnytskyi regional prosecutor’s office, Maryna Tysyachna, said that on March 11 the doctor who gave birth to Tatiana was informed of the suspicion and removed from her position.

Previously, Tetyana Halushchak commented on “Ukrainian truth. Life”. toldthat during childbirth on July 12, doctors began to press on her stomach, despite the fact that “squeezing” a child (Krysteller’s reception) is prohibited in Ukraine.

Later, during an ultrasound, Tetyana was found to have internal hematomas of the abdominal cavity, an enlarged kidney, and other injuries.

“During childbirth, I labored for a long time, the doctor and midwife shouted at me to labor harder, which I did, but the fetus did not come out. At one point, other gynecologists of this department began to converge.

Everyone stood next to me, shouted that I was “pressing incorrectly”, called me “fool”, “lazy egoist”, there were also phrases “I was able to do it, but you can’t give birth” and others, which I don’t remember due to the stress I experienced.the woman said.

When the child was born, the Tatianas put their son on their chest for just a second. But she did not hear the child’s cry.

“I heard the phrases “adrenaline” and “artificial respiration for a child”, – said Tatyana.

According to her, after that, the baby was taken to the intensive care unit of the regional children’s hospital.

Khmelnytskyi doctors said that the child’s condition is serious, but there is no threat to life. Doctors came to the conclusion that complications may be related to injuries during childbirth.

After everything that happened, Tetiana turned to the police, and the Khmelnytskyi law enforcement officers began an investigation into the fact of improper performance of professional duties by a medical worker (Part 2 of Article 140 of the Criminal Procedure Code).

September 3, 2023 in an interview To the public Tatiana toldthat the child was in a coma.

We used to reportedthat a woman who did not seek medical help for her sick two-month-old son will be tried in the Kyiv region, which led to the child’s death.


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