A baby was found in a London park: he was abandoned in the cold in a utility bag

A baby was found in a London park: he was abandoned in the cold in a utility bag

A newborn baby girl was found wrapped in a towel in a utility bag in east London. Despite being in the cold, the child survived.

As Reuters reports with reference to the police, the baby was found by a man who was walking his dog. He called police to the junction of Greenway and High Street South at around 9.15pm on Thursday 18 January.

The man kept the child warm until the police arrived. According to the National Weather Service, it was -3°C in London at the time.

The person kept the girl warm until the London Ambulance Service arrived and checked her before taking her to hospital.

I am pleased to report that the child was unharmed and is safe under the care of hospital staff“, said Senior Superintendent Simon Crick, who leads police in Newham.

Photo: Chalabala/Depositphotos

Currently, law enforcement officers are looking for the child’s mother.

“We are extremely concerned for her welfare as she has been through a difficult ordeal and will require immediate medical attention after giving birth.

Trained paramedics and specialist officers are on hand to support her and we urge the woman to contact us by phone or come to her nearest hospital or police station.”– added Simon Crick in a comment to the Independent.

Police are also asking anyone who may know the mother to contact them.

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