a firefighter who worked with his son at the scene of the hits died

a firefighter who worked with his son at the scene of the hits died

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In Kharkiv during the night shelling of the Russians, who took his life three rescuers and a civilian woman, a 52-year-old firefighter died Vladyslav Loginov.

His son Volodymyr, who is also a firefighter, serves in the nearby fire station, are reported in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In the video, which was taken at night after the shelling, you can see Volodymyr in a fire suit crying after the news of his father’s death.

“The deceased devoted his life to work in the fire service. His son also became a firefighter following his father’s example and worked as a watch chief at a nearby fire station. At night after the first explosions, father and son and colleagues went to the scene of the attack“, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.

Vladyslav and Volodymyr worked a few houses away from each other. During the repeated shelling of the Russians, a shell hit the house where the father worked.

In a comment to “UP. Life”, the head of the press service of the State Service for Emergency Situations in the Kharkiv Region, Yevhen Vasylenko, said that the Loginovy ​​family hails from the Kharkiv Region.

Vladyslav worked for a long time in the 6th fire rescue unit, Volodymyr graduated from the university and has been leading the guard of the 3rd fire rescue unit for more than 10 years.

“They went together to the place where the fire broke out. Father took part in extinguishing the fire where it was possible to escape from the rubble save a man, and his son – at the nearby place of impact at a distance of about 200 meters. After the second flight, they reported on the radio that there were dead people (among the firefighters – ed.) and Volodymyr ran to the place where his father worked.”– added the head of the press service.

We used to reportedthat people under the rubble of a house in Dnipro were searched for by “universal” dogs.

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