A foreign woman tried to take her husband abroad in a niche for a spare tire: video

A foreign woman tried to take her husband abroad in a niche for a spare tire: video

Border guards exposed a 28-year-old man who tried to leave Ukraine illegally, and a foreign girl who helped him.

Border guards found a half-naked man in a niche for a spare tire at the Luzhanka checkpoint.

The fugitive was being transported by his pregnant roommate, a citizen of the Czech Republic, the DPSU reports.


The woman reacted differently to the law enforcement officers’ decision to evacuate the BMW – sometimes she threw herself under its wheels, then she ran away as far as the eye could see.the message says.

The woman faces criminal liability, and the man is still in a temporary detention center.

The DPSU said that a pregnant 29-year-old Czech citizen was driving a 28-year-old Ukrainian through the Luzhanka checkpoint in a BMW cache.

Then she created a conflict situation – the police had to be called. The girl tried to run away, but she was detained near the border.


“A decision was made to evacuate the car from the checkpoint. And at that moment, a woman who claimed to be pregnant lay down under the wheels of the car, thereby preventing the car from leaving the checkpoint.

Then the citizen tried to run away from the law enforcement officers. She has already been detained. The car in which she tried to escape was also detained.” – say the border guards.

Violators were issued with administrative proceedings regarding violation of the regime at the checkpoint (Article 202) and malicious disobedience to the legal requirements of border guards (Article 185-10).

In addition, the man will be prosecuted for attempting to illegally cross the border (Article 204-1).

Border guards also informed the National Police about signs of a crime in the actions of a foreigner.

We are talking about articles 332 (Illegal transportation of persons across the state border of Ukraine) and 194 (Intentional destruction or damage to property) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

“Soon, the court will assess the actions of the Czech Republic and its chosen one”, – they say in the DPSU.

It will be recalled that earlier the border guards detained evaders who wanted to cross the border pretending to be children.

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