A lynx was caught by a photo trap in the Chornobyl Nature Reserve

A lynx was caught by a photo trap in the Chornobyl Nature Reserve

In the Chernobyl radiation and ecological biosphere reserve, the presence of lynx was recorded.

The reserve reports that in the last century this species completely disappeared from the territory of Ukrainian Polissia: only the measures of individual individuals from rare reproductive habitats in Belarus were recorded.

“Now here we are boasting new and new photos of this furry predator with tassels, whose population is quite stable in the protected area.” – say the employees of the reserve.

According to the reserve, the number of lynx population in Ukraine as of the beginning of 2020 was about 40 individuals: 10 of them were recorded in Rivne Oblast, 5 in Zhytomyr Oblast, and 25 in the north of Kyiv Oblast.

Lynx from the Chernobyl reserve.
Photo: Chernobyl Radiation and Ecological Biosphere Reserve

As of the fall of 2020, new lynx breeding centers were established in Ukrainian Polissia, primarily in the Ovrutsky District of Zhytomyr Oblast. At that time, the employees of the reserve assumed that the number of the species would be restored to 80 individuals in the near future.

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