What mutations of “Omicron” are circulating in Ukraine? TsGZ explains

What mutations of “Omicron” are circulating in Ukraine?  TsGZ explains

This week, four mutations of the “Omicron” COVID strain were detected in patients in eight regions of Ukraine.

It is about:

  • XBB (and its variants: XBB. 1.16 “Arcturus”, XBB. 1.42, XBB. 1.5 “Kraken”, XBB. 1.9, XBB. 2.3.);
  • HK.3;
  • GE.1;
  • EG.5 (“Eris”).

According to the Central Health Service, the circulation of these subspecies was established by the reference laboratory for the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, viral and particularly dangerous pathogens of the Center for Public Health through sequencing, a laboratory study that allows the genetic decoding of the virus and the detection of mutations in its genome.

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In total, the laboratory confirmed 74 cases. They were found in the following areas:

  • Khmelnytskyi (13 samples);
  • Chernihivska (8);
  • Cherkasy (8);
  • Chernivtsi (6);
  • Lvivska (12);
  • Kyivska (11);
  • Sumy (10);
  • Rivne (6).

Also, the experts of the reference laboratory of the CGZ discovered XBB, EG.5, FL.1.5, FG mutations. of the Omicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in wastewater from the Rivne region (in 6 samples), Chernihiv region (10), Chernivtsi region (10), and Kyiv region (6).

“The most effective method of preventing the consequences of the disease is accessible and free vaccination. You can get vaccinated by contacting your family doctor or vaccination centers.” – the Center for Public Health reminds.

We will remind you that earlier the Ministry of Health explained whether it is necessary to get the 4th and 5th vaccination against COVID-19.

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