A powerful flash occurred on the Sun: a magnetic storm will cover the Earth

A powerful flash occurred on the Sun: a magnetic storm will cover the Earth

On January 29, a powerful flare with a coronal mass ejection occurred on the Sun. As a result, a magnetic storm may soon cover the Earth.

According to the space weather tracking website Spaceweather, the flare was of category M 6.8. Scientists warn that the coronal mass ejection that accompanied the flare is now hurtling toward Earth. It is expected to reach the planet in the early hours of January 31.

As a result, the Earth will be covered by a weak magnetic storm with auroras in high latitudes. Its category is assessed as G1.

How do magnetic storms occur?

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A magnetic storm is a natural periodic phenomenon caused by a disturbance in the Earth’s magnetic field.

It occurs when the hot plasma that covers the surface of the Sun interacts with foreign bodies or the opposite magnetic polarity. Then a thermonuclear reaction takes place on the Sun – a flash.

As a result of flares, a colorless cloud of solar plasma is formed on the surface of a burning star – the coronal mass. It moves through interplanetary space thanks to the solar wind.

If the coronal mass collides with the Earth’s magnetosphere, it begins to vibrate and magnetic storms are formed.

Magnetic storms mostly occur in spring and autumn – this is due to the inclination of the Earth to the Sun. Under the influence of magnetic storms on Earth, air pressure and temperature can change.

Currently, there are no studies that would confirm the impact of magnetic storms on a person, in particular, the occurrence of specific changes in his body caused by the disturbance of the Earth’s magnetic field.

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