In Colombia, a woman was arrested at the airport who wanted to export 130 poisonous frogs

In Colombia, a woman was arrested at the airport who wanted to export 130 poisonous frogs

A woman from Brazil, on her way to Sao Paulo via Panama, was carrying 130 poisonous harlequin frogs in her suitcase. Airport employees found the animals during a baggage check.

The Ministry of the Environment of Bogota reported the incident.

The passenger hid an amphibian of the species Oophaga sylvatica in containers for photographic films. When law enforcement found the animals, the woman said the harlequin frogs had been given to her by a local community in southern Colombia.

Many frogs from the luggage were found to be dehydrated.

Photo: Bogota Ministry of Environment

This endangered species is in demand in international markets– said Bogota Police Chief Juan Carlos Arevalo.

The law enforcement officer added that private collectors can pay up to $1,000 for each frog.

Harlequin frogs are very colorful

Usually these amphibians live in the forests between Ecuador and Colombia, as well as in other countries of Central and South America.

Their skin glands produce a highly toxic venom that was used in the past by indigenous people to coat the tips of darts they used for hunting. It is strong enough to kill small animals.

The woman was detained for illegal use of natural resources and the case was handed over to the prosecutor’s office.

Border guards found frogs in the luggage of a woman from Brazil

A fine of 14.3 thousand dollars is provided for this offense.

The trade in wild animals is widespread in Colombia and Latin America, a region with rich biodiversity, the BBC writes.

Currently, the animals have been transferred to the Center for the Care, Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Wild Flora and Fauna, where they will be examined and helped to undergo rehabilitation, and then they will be returned to the natural environment.

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