Arachnids have two main eyes and four more rudiments – scientists

Arachnids have two main eyes and four more rudiments – scientists

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Scientists discovered on the body of a long-legged male arachnid Phalangium opilio the vestiges of eyes that functioned in their ancestors. Previously, it was believed that all arachnids have only two eyes.

During the study, published in the journal Current Biology, the team of biologist Guillerme Gainette from the University of Wisconsin-Madison studied under a microscope the embryo of a male long-legged, writes The New York Times.

During the work, the researchers noticed four rudimentary eyes on his body. Two of them were located on the abdomen near the feet.

For a better study, scientists used fluorescent labels that could stick to light-sensitive proteins that exist in the eyes of any animal.

Looking at the tagged shapes, the researchers found that the four rudimentary eyes on the insect’s body are located roughly where the extra eyes are found in spiders and horseshoe crabs.

Spiders typically have eight eyes, while horseshoe crabs have 10, scientists say.

The researchers assumed that long-legged males can see with their shoulders, because these areas of the tissue are sensitive to light.

The results of the study can help in compiling a genealogical tree of arachnids, the scientists explain.

We used to reportedthat three new species of spiders, which are threatened with extinction, were discovered on the island of St. Helena.

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