Archaeologists have found possible confirmation of the existence of Amazons

Archaeologists have found possible confirmation of the existence of Amazons


Bettany Hughes during excavations in Azerbaijan

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Recent archaeological excavations in Azerbaijan proved that the Amazons – female warriors from ancient Greek mythology, who skillfully used bows and arrows and did not tolerate men in their environment – could have existed in reality.

As informs The Guardian, in the city of Nakhchivan, on the site of a Bronze Age necropolis, researchers found graves of women buried with weapons. These are sharp arrowheads, a bronze dagger and a mace.

Archaeologists concluded that they could be Amazons who lived 4,000 years ago.

“This proves that there is truth behind the myths and legends of Ancient Greece.” – noted historian Bettany Hughes.

According to her, some skeletons show signs that women actively used bows and arrows.

“Their fingers are crooked due to the fact that they often used arrows. The changes in the joints of the fingers could have been caused not only by hunting, but by some long practice.

It is very interesting that many of the skeletal remains also show clear evidence of prolonged use in the saddle. Women’s pelvises are mostly exposed through horseback riding. Their bones were formed by their way of life.” – said Hughes.

Along with the weapon, archaeologists also found a carnelian ornament. This is a semi-precious stone that was often worn by high priestesses. It is a sign of women with status.

As the historian noted, these evidences become even more significant if they are connected with earlier finds. In particular, in 2017, Armenian archaeologists unearthed the remains of a woman who, most likely, died of combat wounds – an arrowhead was stuck in her leg.

Also, in the early 1990s, near the border with Kazakhstan, researchers found the remains of a woman buried with a dagger.

The new findings will be shown in April on one of the British TV channels.

We will remind you, archaeologists found wooden canoes dating from the Stone Age, which are evidence that people were engaged in seafaring more than 7,000 years ago.


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