Bread made from crickets: in Italy it was allowed to sell flour made from insects

Bread made from crickets: in Italy it was allowed to sell flour made from insects

In Italy, it was allowed to sell flour made from crickets for human consumption.

The corresponding permission was received by Nutrinsect, The Guardian reports.

Crickets began to be bred at a factory in the Italian city of Monte Cassino back in 2020. There they are subjected to heat treatment, then frozen and ground into powder.

“The resources required for breeding crickets, in particular the area, are very small, so such breeding is quite ecological, emissions are almost zero”– said Jose Francesco Channi, CEO of Nutrinsect.

According to him, the taste of insects is reminiscent of “pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, and also a little bit of shrimp.”

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It is known that cricket flour will be available in stores and online. It will cost 6 euros per pack – about 250 hryvnias.

Until now, Nutrinsect could only sell flour as pet food. However, at the beginning of 2023, the EU approved the sale of insects (crickets, locusts and grubs) for human consumption.

This has sparked a wave of criticism from the Italian government, particularly aimed at keeping insects out of traditional foods such as pasta and pizza.

When the rules became official in late 2023, the country’s government allowed the sale of insect meal to humans, instead introducing labeling rules.

The product must be marked with the indicated origin of the product – Acheta domesticus, which means “domestic cricket” in Latin.

We previously reported that bread with crickets will be sold in supermarkets in Finland.

Crickets are a source of protein, fatty acids, calcium, iron and vitamin B12“, said the head of one of the largest bakery companies in Finland, Markus Hellström.

According to him, one loaf of bread from his factory contains about 70 dried domestic crickets.

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