In the USA, a student discovered a new species of dinosaur during an educational project. PHOTO

In the USA, a student discovered a new species of dinosaur during an educational project.  PHOTO

In the US, 28-year-old Kyle Atkins-Weltman accidentally discovered a new species of dinosaur while researching fossils for his academic project.

It turned out that the bones that the boy studied did not belong to any of the currently known species of extinct reptiles, writes The Washington Post.

In January 2020, while Kyle was pursuing his master’s degree at the University of Kansas, he began a project to study nine species of dinosaurs.

For this, the boy bought fossils from a collector: femur, tibia and metatarsal bones of dinosaurs.

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The student thought the remains belonged to the dinosaur species Anzu wyliei – a bird-like dinosaur also known as the “Chicken from Hell”. However, the bones turned out to be smaller than other dinosaur remains of this species.

He suggested that the fossils might belong to another younger and smaller dinosaur and sent them to a university anatomy professor for examination.

As a result of the study, it turned out that the remains do not belong to the species Anzu wyliei, nor to any other currently known species of dinosaur.

Photo: Kyle Atkins-Weltman

In the end, the student reported that the fossils belong to a species of bird-like dinosaur, Eoneophron infernalis, which is similar to Anzu wyliei, but smaller than them.

According to scientists, Eoneophron infernalis was more than 91 centimeters tall and weighed about 72.5 kilograms. They had long claws and legs, a toothless beak, body feathers and a short tail.

They were 60 centimeters shorter and 180 kilograms lighter than the Anzu wyliei dinosaurs, scientists say.

The remains of the new species are currently stored at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh.

Atkins-Weltman continued the research project and is currently studying tyrannosaurs.

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