Budget-2024: how much will be spent on culture

Budget-2024: how much will be spent on culture

Budget-2024: how much will be spent on culture | Ukrainian truth _Life


At the end of September, the Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy, having analyzed the 2024 budget project, stated that in 2024 expenditures on culture and art should grow by 22.92%.

After all, immediately after the adoption of the state budget-2024 on November 9, the Ministry of Finance clarified that for the next year 10.2 billion hryvnias of funding for culture and media space is planned.

After the vote in the Council, the deputy head of the Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy Evgenia Kravchuk clarified on her Facebook what changes the main financial document of the country has undergone in the context of culture.

She said that the funding of the ICIP was reduced by 427 million hryvnias, and the article in which funds were allocated for the completion of the Holodomor museum was removed altogether. “Construction will be completed, but not with Ukrainian money“, Kravchuk explained and reminded that Canada had previously promised to finance the completion of the museum and arrangement of the exposition.

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Also, according to the deputy, funding for the support of national museums was increased by 81.8 million hryvnias, and by 50 million hryvnias – for the training of personnel in the field of culture and art. “A little was added to the salary of the Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War, a little increased for the choreographic college“, Kravchuk specified in a conversation with UP. Culture.


Funds for culture and information policy are distributed as follows:

  • 1.9 billion hryvnias – to the State Committee of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine, from them 1.8 billion is financial support Public (346 million UAH more than in 2023);
  • 1.5 billion hryvnias – financing “Only News” marathoni.e. production and broadcasting of television and radio programs for state needs, financial support of the state foreign broadcasting system;
  • 1.3 billion hryvnias – to support national theaters (by UAH 9 million more than in 2023);
  • 1.1 billion hryvnias – for the activities of national museums, libraries, cultural centers (by 253 million more than in 2023);
  • 1.1 billion hryvnias – for the training of personnel for the sphere of culture and art in institutions of professional pre-higher and higher education, in particular at the National Academy of Music, the Academy of Arts and others;
  • 770 million hryvnias – to support national artistic groups, concert organizations, national and state circus organizations. For example, to the classics of Soviet Ukrainian art – the Virskyi Ensemble;
  • 701.1 million hryvnias – for the preservation of historical, cultural and architectural heritage in national and state reserves (by 52.5% more than in 2023);
  • 466 million hryvnias – for the activity of the Ukrainian Book Institute, support of book publishing and popularization of Ukrainian literature in the world. And this is a record increase – 379.08 million more than in 2023. Of them 376 million hryvnias – for certificates for purchasing books for children;
  • 328.3 million hryvnias – to music and art schools;
  • 215.6 million hryvnias – for the Ukrainian Cultural Fund (8.96 million more than in 2023, but still almost three times less than the pre-war level);
  • 214.1 million hryvnias – for leadership and management in the field of culture and information policy;
  • 14.9 million hryvnias – professional development, training of acting personnel for national artistic and creative teams;
  • 20.9 million hryvnias – for cultural and artistic events of national creative unions and the All-Ukrainian society “Enlightenment”;
  • 28.8 million hryvnias – for state support of cultural and artistic figures;
  • 50.1 million hryvnias – on the protection of cultural heritage, export, import and return of cultural values, state language policy;
  • 4.3 million hryvnias – to support the cultural space “Crimean House”;
  • 40.5 million hryvnias – to implement measures to protect the national information space;

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The State Agency of Ukraine for Arts and Art Education (State Arts) was allocated in the budget 22.3 million hryvniasat the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance – 74.2 million hryvniasof which 36.9 million – to support the activities of the National Memorial Complex of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred – the Museum of the Revolution of Dignity.

In 2024, they want to finance the State Film Agency (Derzhkino, which is removed from the subordination of the Moscow State Film and Television Institute and whose budget is approved separately) on 618.3 million hryvnias. Of these, 589.6 million hryvnias should go to state support for cinematography.

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