Ukrainians are outraged: Farion’s post probably helped the occupiers detain a patriotic student in Crimea

Ukrainians are outraged: Farion’s post probably helped the occupiers detain a patriotic student in Crimea

Former National Deputy Iryna Farion published a letter on her Telegram channel from a pro-Ukrainian student who supported her after scandalous words about the military, but did not hide his personal data, contrary to the requests of commentators.

Russian security forces found the student and forced him to apologize on camera. According to ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets, the young man is being “handled” by the occupying “Center for Combating Extremism” of the Russian Minister of Internal Affairs.

Many Ukrainians were outraged on social networks because of Farion’s actions. Some call for the Lviv Polytechnic teacher to be tried and accuse her of “collaborating” with the Russian special services.

Dmytro Lubinets, the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, said that he had already contacted the SBU.

“The People’s Deputy of the VRU of the 7th convocation should have known about the importance of protecting personal data. However, this person publicly provided the guy’s surname, first name, and place of study, which enabled the Russians to identify this student.

In connection with the disclosure of confidential information, I contacted the Security Service of Ukraine for an appropriate response! So that the actions of a citizen of Ukraine were properly analyzed and a legal assessment was provided. No one should neglect the safety of other citizens!” wrote the ombudsman.

Iryna Farion is a former People’s Deputy, a teacher at the Lviv Polytechnic

The representative of the president in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea also reacted to the incident Tamil Tasheva. She promised that she would take steps to “bring Farion to justice.”

“Regarding the incident with a citizen of Ukraine, Farion. It is a disgrace and a crime to publicly publish a message from a person who writes to you from the temporarily occupied territory.

I communicate with such citizens from Crimea every day, we at the Representation of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea carry out systematic monitoring of the so-called “courts” over our citizens, who by their actions “discredit” the armed forces of the aggressor country.

But it would never occur to me to expose personal correspondence in public space, exposing a person to danger.”– added Tasheva.

Screenshot from Farion’s Telegram channel

One of the commanders of the 3rd separate assault brigade also commented on the scandal Dmytro Kuharchuk.

“What kind of FSB agent is she?” – you asked. Farion cynically posted a boy from Crimea, who expressed his support for her, all over the Internet.

The boy sincerely believed that Iryna was a bright angel and would save him, but no, she simply framed the boy, thus undermining the faith of conscientious Crimeans.

Next time they will think twice before helping the Ukrainian struggle. SBU, where are you!???” – wrote Kuharchuk.

“Less than anything in this life, I wanted to write about Iryna Farion and her harmful statements and pranks. But surrendering a pro-Ukrainian student in Crimea is a crime. Because of Farion, he risks receiving a specific prison term and abuse.

I really hope that this provocateur is finally held accountable. Preferably criminal. Horror. There are no censored words of my indignation and shock as a Crimean woman, – responded the editor-in-chief of UP Sevgil Musaeva.

“A sad story about the sincerity of Farion’s patriotism. A little more than a week ago, Iryna Dmitrivna attacked the soldiers of two warring brigades – the 3rd Assault Brigade and the Azov Brigade. And everything would have been nothing, but in the following days she attacked the recruitment campaign of the 3rd Assault Brigade and began to mock the last name of one of the current commanders of the unit. Then there were statements that the “main front” is not at the front, but inside the country, and the devaluation of the feats of the military, up to doubts about the heroism of the defenders of “Azovstal”…

It is noteworthy that none of the politician’s fellow party members condemned her statements and renounced them. It seems that today the political career of Iryna Farion has come to an end.” – the journalist wrote Tatyana Danylenko.

“I hope Farion will sit down. And that Ukraine will manage to get the guy out of the temporarily occupied Crimea before he is maimed or worse.

And that everyone’s brains will finally turn on before saying anything about pro-Ukrainian citizens in the temporarily occupied territories.

And also: if, after such a crime, Farion continues to be an employee of the entire university, the management of the university will stand by her in this situation.” – said the journalist Iryna Andreytsiv.

“She crippled the life of a Ukrainian student in Crimea, to whom he expressed his support. Not even so much for her, but for the value of the Ukrainian language and identity.

I do not believe that this is stupidity and her tragic mistake. This is deliberate work against the enemy. Even if we assume that all this is an enemy special information operation and a game on our emotions, the result is one: the discrediting of the Ukrainian language and its defenders.” – said the military Yaryna Chornoguz.

“Now the network reacts very sensitively to whether Ms. Farion exposed a student who has pro-Ukrainian views in the Crimea annexed by Russia, whether it is IPSO or a performance by the FSB.

I want to say that under any conditions, under any scenario, in order to continue the online battles and the defense of one’s rightness, due to vanity, arrogance, attraction to the truth, etc., in no case should documents containing personal information be made public as evidence. , private data of a person who is in the temporarily occupied territory.

The decision, whether it is a reason or a reality: it is impossible to act like this, it is at least an irresponsible act”– noted the human rights defender Larisa Denysenko.

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