Collins dictionary named the word of the year 2023: “Artificial intelligence”

Collins dictionary named the word of the year 2023: “Artificial intelligence”

The editors of one of the most authoritative dictionaries of the English language, Collins, called it the “word of the year” – the most popular innovation in the dictionary for 2023. It became the term Artificial Intelligence (AI), i.e. “искусственный интелект” (AI). It means modeling mental processes using computer programs, so-called neural networks.

Philologists note that in 2023 this phrase was used four times more often than before. They call AI “the new great technological revolution”.

Technologies related to artificial intelligence not only developed rapidly in the past year, but also moved from experimental application to everyday life. AI programs are self-learning, they can be used almost anywhere where it is necessary to create texts or images. It is assumed that soon they will be able to replace a person in a number of practical tasks in jurisprudence, bureaucracy, technical documentation, as well as in the creation of illustrations and other works of art.

Tomorrow, November 2, former members of the Beatles group promise to release a new song based on an archive recording. John Lennon’s voice will be recreated in it with the help of artificial intelligence.

Collins announces a new “word of the year” at the end of each year. This is a word that has entered mass usage this year and has become popular. Last year, the “word-2022” became “permacrisis” – a permanent, that is, a permanent crisis as a new sense of society after the coronavirus pandemic, the beginning of Russia’s war in Ukraine, other conflicts and economic recession. Closer to Christmas, another authoritative English dictionary – Webster – also announces its “words of the year”.

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