There are at least 140,000 homeless animals in Ukraine

There are at least 140,000 homeless animals in Ukraine

The number of homeless animals in Ukraine reaches at least 140 thousand.

This was announced at a press conference by the co-founder of the World Association for Animal Affairs of Ukraine, Oksana Koshak.

She reminded that Ukraine is among the top ten countries in terms of the number of homeless animals.

“At the beginning of the war, the number of animals needed was approximately 50,000 animals, and this, I remind you, is only those who have guardians and are cared for by people. We do not know the exact number of those who are not cared for by anyone.

Today, this amount is needed for 140,000 animals.” Koshak said.

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The expert gave statistics on the causes of animal homelessness using Lviv as an example:

  • 84% were thrown out by the hosts;
  • 11% were lost;
  • 5% were born on the street.

Koshak believes that the state should encourage animal owners to take responsibility. In particular, it is about vaccination and sterilization.

She emphasized that for this it is necessary to introduce mandatory registration of animals.

In 2016, this was done in Lviv, as a result of which the number of homeless animals decreased by 80%.

We will remind, earlier animal rights activists said that because of the war, the number of homeless animals increased by 60%.

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