“Dance of cranes” and an underwater tree: the competition of garden photographers showed the works of the winners

“Dance of cranes” and an underwater tree: the competition of garden photographers showed the works of the winners

The international competition “Garden Photographer of the Year” announced the winners and showed the best nature photos of 2024.

This year’s competition was won by an abstract work called Birdscape (“Birdscape”) by a British photographer June Sharpreports Gardens Illustrated.

She filmed conifer branches that resembled the “dance of cranes” from Japanese prints, then enhanced the image with processing.

June, who won the main award, will receive 4,000 pounds (almost 190,000 hryvnias), and her photo will be presented at an exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London.

“Jun’s painting is full of interest and depth that ignites the imagination. We are drawn to the symbolic swirling cranes in the dance and beyond their ‘wings’ to a place of hope and peace.

It is not often that you can connect with nature and feel such empathy,” – says pageant judge Tyrone McGlinchey.

Photo: June Sharp/Photographer of the Year

In the “Portfolio” category, photographer Annaik Gitteny won first place for her collection called “Disappearance” – 6 photos of plants covered with dew drops.

Annaik Gitteni/Nomination “Portfolio”

Annie Green-Armitage’s work “Autumn Sunset” won in the “Beautiful Gardens” category.

Annie Green-Armitage/Nomination “Beautiful Gardens”

In the “Open Spaces” category, Andrea Graham’s “Lone Tree” shot in the Snowdonia National Park won.

Andrea Graham/Nomination “Open Spaces”

Lina Roy’s work entitled “Mangrove tree (from under water)” won in the “Plants and pots” category. A mangrove is a shrub or tree that grows in coastal salt or brackish water.

The author took this picture in the Bunaken National Marine Park on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Lina Roy/Nomination “Plants and flowerpots”

In the “Beauty of Plants” category, Angie Wallace won for her work entitled “Nigella of the Earth” (Nigella is a “blackberry”, a type of flowering plant in the marigold family).

Angie Wallace/Nomination “Beauty of Plants”

Photographer Barry Webb was the winner in the World of Mushrooms category for his work titled ‘Ice Crater’, which depicts a slime fungus covered in ice.

Barry Webb/Nomination “World of Mushrooms”

First place in the Trees, Woods and Forests category was taken in the Lake District National Park called Fire and Ice by Drew Buckley.

Drew Buckley/Trees, Woods and Forests Nomination

Albert Zeolan won in the Wildflower Landscapes category for “Flower Meadows” in Bolzano, Italy.

Albert Tseolan/Nomination “Landscapes with wildflowers”

And the photo of a squirrel in Sri Lanka, taken by Fernando Avanka, won in the “Garden Wildlife” category.

Fernando Avanca/Nomination “Wild nature of the garden”

All of these photos will be on display at the Royal Botanic Garden from today until March 10.

Photos of other winners can be viewed on the International Garden Photographer of the Year website.

We will remind you that last year the judges of the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards determined the winners who took the funniest photos of animals, including a kangaroo-rocker and an otter-ballerina.

Also earlier, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award determined its winners, who, in particular, filmed the courtship of hares and the sleep of a polar bear on an iceberg.

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