In Britain, two teenagers were sentenced to 20 years in prison for the brutal murder of a transgender girl

In Britain, two teenagers were sentenced to 20 years in prison for the brutal murder of a transgender girl

In Britain, two teenagers were sentenced to 20 and 22 years in prison for the “exceptionally brutal” murder of a 16-year-old transgender girl.

It became known in court that Brianna Gay was stabbed 28 times by her peers, writes The Guardian. Sentencing them, the judge said: “They were both involved in a brutal and premeditated murder that was sadistic in nature and motivated by animosity towards Brianna because she was transgender.“.

Scarlett Jenkinson, whom the judge called the “curator” of the murder, was sentenced to 22 years. Her accomplice, Eddie Ratcliffe, a former kickboxing champion, received 20 years.

The judge noted that Jenkinson “was once again full of lust for murder” after the crime. Already after her arrest, she wrote a new “kill list”, which included the names of some of her guardians.

Brianna Gay. PHOTO: PA Media

The teenagers carefully planned the murder of a transgender girl at the age of 15, and Jenkinson wrote a detailed plan of the crime. They even had a code word – “gay”. They carried out their plan almost to the end, stabbing Brianna 28 times, but were spooked by a couple walking their dogs in the park.

Ratcliffe first met Brianna on the day of the murder. While planning the crime, he repeatedly referred to her as “it” and said he “just wanted to see how big her dick was.”

He used his hunting knife for the murder. Police found the weapon in his bedroom after his arrest. Brianna’s DNA was found on the knife and her blood was on his shoes and coat.

Jenkinson told the psychiatrist that she hit Brianna “many times” and found it “exciting”. She also admitted to a psychiatrist that she “intended to take parts of Brianna’s body as a symbol,” such as “her beautiful eyes.”

In addition, Jenkinson admitted that she tried to poison Brianna with pills in the weeks before the murder.

In court, none of the teenage killers reacted to the sentence or showed remorse. According to the psychiatrist’s conclusion, the girl has “a severe form of behavioral-dissocial disorder, one of the signs of which is the lack of empathy.”

Jenkinson and Ratcliffe. PHOTO: Cheshire Police

Ratcliffe was diagnosed with autism and the judge found that his social skills were “not as developed as most people his age”. But he emphasized that this diagnosis “cannot be an excuse for a crime.”

Brianna’s mother spoke about the killers:

There are times when I feel sorry for them because they have ruined their own lives too, but I have to remember that they had no compassion for Brianna when they left her to bleed out after the brutal attack. They didn’t kill Brianna because she did anything wrong, just because one hated trans people and the other thought it would be fun“.

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