Dangerous toys: in Kyiv, doctors saved a boy who swallowed 20 magnets

Dangerous toys: in Kyiv, doctors saved a boy who swallowed 20 magnets

Doctors of the capital “Okhmatdyt” saved a boy who swallowed 20 magnets. They created 5 perforating holes in the child’s abdominal cavity.

As reported in the National Children’s Specialized Hospital “Okhmatdyt”, the boy found magnets in a toy constructor.

When he complained of stomach pain, his parents went to the doctors. Already the first X-ray revealed a whole group of foreign bodies in the alimentary canal, doctors say.

The magnets ended up in different parts of the gastrointestinal tract, but were connected to each other. The doctors decided to urgently perform the operation, because the boy’s condition could worsen with every hour.

Photo: “Okhmatdit”

A team of endoscopists found interlocking magnets. They grabbed the first magnet and were able to pull it out along with a chain of 18 others.

But doctors could not remove one magnet endoscopically, so surgeons joined the operation. During the examination of the child’s abdominal organs, five holes and the last magnet were found. Medics took him out and closed the holes.

Now the boy is undergoing a postoperative course of treatment and rehabilitation.

Magnets swallowed by a boy

What to do if a child has swallowed a foreign body?

In “Okhmatdyta” they explain: unlike other objects that are often swallowed by children, the magnets are attracted to each other and pinch the tissue. As a result, some areas may suffer from necrosis (death), perforation of hollow organs, gastrointestinal obstruction, etc.

But even after removing foreign bodies, sometimes the consequences can be severe and even fatal.

To avoid such situations, it is necessary to monitor all objects, toys or liquids that may enter the child’s body.

If a child has swallowed something foreign, seek medical help immediatelydo not try to get the object yourself, induce vomiting or feed the baby.

We will remind you that earlier in the capital “Okhmatdyt” they operated on a three-year-old child who had 8 magnets in his stomach for more than a month, and in Lviv, doctors saved an 8-year-old boy who had a needle in his bronchi for a year and a half.

Anna Stopenko, UP. Life

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