“Distrust of Derzhkino”: the film community calls on the authorities to redirect funds from supporting cinematography to the Defense Forces

“Distrust of Derzhkino”: the film community calls on the authorities to redirect funds from supporting cinematography to the Defense Forces

The Ukrainian film community calls on the authorities to redirect the money allocated for the support of cinematography to the Defense Forces. The reason was cited as a lack of trust in the State Agency of Ukraine for Cinema Affairs, which will manage a record budget.

This year’s State Cinema budget is 589.6 million hryvnias for “supporting cinematography, including the documentation of war crimes.”

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Undoubtedly, Ukrainian cinema, like all culture in general, needs a lot of attention and budgetary support for the development and representation of Ukraine in the world, and is a powerful element of cultural diplomacy. “Unfortunately, years of incompetent and unscrupulous work by the management of Derzhkino convince us that the allocated funds will be used inefficiently and with numerous violations.”says the letter.

Cinematographers expressed distrust in the management of State Cinema, which works “without an approved strategy and is managed by an incompetent Chairman.” The appeal also emphasized that the body that makes decisions on the use of funds continues its activities illegally. The Council for the Support of Cinematography was supposed to complete its mandate in March 2023.

The open letter was published and signed Ukrainian Film Academy, Ukrainian Guild of Directorslaureates of the Shevchenko Prize cinematographers Yaroslav Pilunskyi, Yuriy Gryzunov, Serhiy Stetsenkodirector Iryna Tsylykas well as a documentarian Serhii Lysenkocinematographer Serhiy Mikhalchukfilm director Volodymyr Tykhymember of the board of the European Film Academy, producer Denis Ivanovfilm directors Alina Horlova, Marysya Nikityuk, Maryna Vroda, Nadia Parfanexecutive director of the festival Docudays Svitlana Smalfounder of Ukrainer Bohdan Logvinenkodirector of the Dovzhenko Center Olena Honcharuk and many others.

In the open letter, the signatories demand:

  • Redirect budget funds planned for 2024 to support cinematography to the needs of the Defense Forces, in addition to obligations defined by law.
  • Dismiss the management of Derzhkino, whose actions are destroying the film industry and causing reputational damage at the international level,
  • Conduct a transparent competition for the position of the new head of the State Cinema and members of the Council for State Support of Cinematography in the established order and under the control of the public,
  • To develop a new project of the Cinema Development Strategy in a transparent process with the participation of the public.

The letter is open for signature until January 26.

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