Dress up a stormtrooper: the military showed off their combat gear. VIDEO

Dress up a stormtrooper: the military showed off their combat gear.  VIDEO

The commanders of the 3rd Assault Brigade showed their equipment and talked about its value. The guys take with them on combat missions a lot of things that may be needed. In the “Ukrainian Witness” video, commanders Makar and Nats showed the “working bow” of the attack aircraft and told how much it costs. In general, the full equipment of an attack aircraft costs approximately UAH 242,000. According to the military, most of the equipment is provided by the brigade, some items are given to the soldiers as gifts from brothers and relatives. For example, Makar’s helmet was given to him by his brother, and the berets that he has been wearing since the beginning of the war were given by volunteers. The attack aircraft’s equipment includes: armor; plate carrier; shields (protection of the abdomen and inguinal zone); a large number of summaries where various things are stored: flashlights, tablets, turnstiles, accumulators, batteries, etc.; first aid kit; weapon; RPS (unloading vest); helmet; additional ballistic packages (reinforcement of armor in a bulletproof vest); additional shops; smoke grenades, etc. In addition to combat equipment, Makar carries in his briefcase what sustains his fighting spirit: photographs and letters from loved ones and a charm given to him by his girlfriend. Stormtroopers also attach GoPros to their helmets. “This is needed not only to shoot a video for TikTok. Thanks to filming after the assault, we can analyze the individual mistakes of each fighter and understand what exactly he needs to work on,” says Makar. Read also: The Armed Forces Medical Command assures that “almost 100%” of military units are equipped with medical equipment

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