Due to the underwater eruption of a volcano in the Pacific Ocean, a new island was formed – scientists

Due to the underwater eruption of a volcano in the Pacific Ocean, a new island was formed – scientists

An underwater volcanic eruption that took place on October 30 and is still ongoing has led to the formation of a new island in the Pacific Ocean.

Large pieces of rock and solidified magma surfaced off the coast of the Japanese island of Iwo Jima, writes Live Science with reference to The Japan Times.

According to eyewitnesses, explosions occurred approximately every few minutes. The red-hot magma threw large blocks of rock more than 50 meters into the air.

Researchers from the University of Tokyo found that the eruption disturbed the surface of the ocean in at least two places. But the explosions occurred only near the southernmost edge of Iwo Jima, where stones accumulated, forming a round and uneven island approximately 100 m in diameter.

Photo: The Japan Times

“Floating pumice and discolored water are observed throughout the periphery of the island, indicating magma eruption from this location,” – researchers explain.

They noticed that the rocks on the island had formed a concentric structure, but there was no sign of a crater on the surface.

Several underwater eruptions have been recorded in this region in recent years. They are characterized by explosions of steam and volcanic material to the surface when water comes into contact with bubbling magma, lava, rocks or other red-hot sediments.

However, under water, the volcanic material that “breaks out” from the seabed instantly hardens.

Regular eruptions have caused the island of Iwo Jima to rise by more than 1 meter each year.

The recent eruption was preceded by volcanic tremors that began on October 21 and occurred every two minutes until October 30. The eruption continues and, according to experts, the existing island may merge with the newly formed rocky outcrop.

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