ECO MARKET, Kalush Orchestra and BF “Tvoya opora” collected UAH 1.8 million to help the hospital – News

ECO MARKET, Kalush Orchestra and BF “Tvoya opora” collected UAH 1.8 million to help the hospital – News


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Within the framework of the initiative for the purchase of water treatment facilities for one of the medical institutions of the Kherson Region, the “Tvoya Opora” BF, the Kalush Orchestra and the ECO MARKET chain of stores collected a total of UAH 1.8 million. It was possible to join the collection both on the website of the charitable foundation and at the cash desks of all ECO MARKET stores.

Due to the destruction of the Kakhovskaya HPP and the pollution of the Dnipro River, access to drinking water for the residents of the region remains limited. Sometimes completely absent. Water treatment plants are currently one of the most effective ways to help the region’s residents gain access to clean drinking water.

The problem of lack of clean water is particularly acute in medical institutions. Therefore, the hospital, which serves residents of several communities of the Kherson region, will soon receive an expensive water purification system. The facility needs more than 500 liters of drinking water every day just to prepare meals for patients and staff.

“Such initiatives once again prove that Ukrainians are capable of anything by joining forces. And that even in the third year of a full-scale invasion, we continue to actively help each other. This indomitability of our people is really impressive! We are grateful to everyone who participated in this meeting – thanks to you, hospital patients will soon have access to clean water. Thank you Kalush Orchestra and Tvoya opora BF for the opportunity to be a part of this story. Together, we are capable of anything,” sums up Inna Miroshnychenko, president of ECO MARKET.

“We are extremely happy that thanks to our joint collaboration we managed to collect the necessary amount to help the Kherson Hospital. Thank you to everyone who made efforts to make the project happen. We always say that every hryvnia is important, this collection is another confirmation of this. We hope that this will not be our last cooperation with the chain of stores “EKO-market” and BF “Tvoya Opora” – comments the Kalush Orchestra band

“I am filled with a sense of gratitude to everyone who joined our initiative. Thanks to the active participation of ordinary citizens, very soon we will be able to provide the hospital with uninterrupted access to clean drinking water. I am also sincerely grateful to our partners, the Kalush Orchestra and the ECO MARKET chain of stores! The result of this collection is really impressive and once again shows how important it is for businesses, public figures and charitable foundations to join their efforts. Together, we can achieve our goals much faster and more efficiently and, accordingly, help more people,” says Valeriya Tatarchuk, founder and general director of Tvoya opora BF.

We will remind you that the Kakhovskaya HPP is the largest water reservoir in Ukraine, which supplied water to more than 1 million Ukrainians. As a result of the terrorist attack, at least 150 tons of chemicals and other dangerous substances were washed away by the flow of water into the Dnipro. Most of them remain in the river until now, making the water from there unsafe for human consumption. Therefore, the Kherson region is acutely experiencing problems with access to clean water.

According to the analysis, every 16th customer of the ECO MARKET supermarket chain made a contribution to a great good cause. All accumulated funds have already been transferred to Tvoya opora BF, whose team is currently carrying out work on the purchase, delivery and installation of vital equipment for the hospital.


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