Educators must speak Ukrainian throughout the working day – MES

Educators must speak Ukrainian throughout the working day – MES

Educators should communicate in Ukrainian throughout the working day, including with colleagues or students during breaks.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine reminds about this.

The Ukrainian language must be used:

🔹during classes (except for subjects and courses that, according to the educational program of the educational institution, are taught in foreign languages ​​or languages ​​of indigenous peoples and national minorities);

🔹 in the communication of teachers, lecturers, other personnel of educational institutions with students (students) and among themselves;

🔹 in educational materials.

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“We believe in Ukraine and in the fact that educators educate citizens who understand the value of the Ukrainian language and its special significance now, when Russia is trying to destroy our country, history and culture“, the MES added.

As a reminder, in 2022, the number of language law violations in educational institutions decreased by 25% compared to 2021. However, there was a scandal with a teacher in Dnipro – she was reprimanded for speaking to students in Russian during class.

Also, at a private art academy in Kyiv, students reported a Russian-speaking vice-rector who ignored the law.

In April, it became known about a scandal at the Irpin University: a teacher refused to lead couples in Ukrainian philosophy despite the students’ request.

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